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Concerts & Theatre

Making Memories

Concerts, Theatre and Sports

As you walk through the door to your venue, the excitement grows within you. The individual or band you’re about to hear could bring back cherished memories from your youth, a shared moment in time … or a forgotten weekend. Well you have to be honest; after all we did live through the sixties and seventies. As we get older, we have to keep in mind that lot of the bands we grew up listening to have either stopped touring or passed away (Which is why Phil Collins called his last tour “I’m not dead yet”). It’s amazing when you attend some concerts however and see that the artist is indeed a generational phenomenon. There are boomers, their children the millennials who grew up listening to mom and dad playing this “old folks” music and then the Gen-Z’s who have figured out that this music is not half bad. If you have the opportunity to revisit your youth, do it, those chances are getting rarer. If you love theatre, sporting events or concerts, go make a memory. If you can’t afford it, go anyway. The amps are loud enough that you can sit in the parking lot and get a great show.

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