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Our Story

The Adventure Begins ...

It all started in 1997, on our honeymoon trip to Maui. With so much to see and only1 week available we travelled the island by car from the Lava fields to the Road to Hana, the Seven Sacred Pools and sunrise at Haleakala National Park.

We stayed in a kitchenette suite in the seaside town of Lahaina and used this as a base of operations.  Our travel plans consisted of a map of the local sites and our adventurous nature.

Putting things off to see “someday” is not for us…For us someday is today. 

We have a wide range of interests from Classic Rock or Country Music concerts, Pro football to live theatre, fishing, camping and spontaneous road trips. When we aren’t on the road we are busy with “projects” which could include anything from developing a basement to rebuilding a holiday trailer. And people say we’re retired so we’re not busy …. Ha, ha, ha

The happy couple with a silver mercedes convertible on our special day. This car was lent to us so that we could have our wedding photographs taken with it and then drive it to the reception. It was a chilly September afternoon as it had snowed the night before.
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