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Fly Fishing

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The sound of a loon on a beautiful summer morning accompanying the splash of a large rainbow on a calm lake are only a few of the “Zen” moments you experience while fly fishing. Now don’t get me wrong, any kind of fishing from using a bobber and bate to a spin cast rod with a red devil spoon can achieve the same result.
Time stands still. You are in the moment and are one with your surroundings. There are many who go fishing to catch the big one so that it can be stuffed, mounted and then displayed, others simply enjoy the taste of a catfish, perch or trout done in a cast iron flying pan with a little butter and a hint of garlic while still others simply enjoy the catching and then the release of these fish so that others may enjoy them in the future.
Any of the above options can achieve the same result, if you simply close your eyes, breathe deeply the cool morning air and enjoy the moment.

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