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One more to go - Week 7

Primary Care Network Instructors – Hailey & Jonah

My Way to Health – 8 Week Program

Week 7 – Dave – 6’4” 295.0 lbs.

Although week 7 is now completed, I must admit that I was nowhere to be found when the class started. Instead, I had a previous commitment to “ZZ Top – Raw Whisky Tour with Special Guest Cory Marks”.

What can I say? I ate low-fat nachos and had low carb beer? Anyway, in the interest of keeping “both” of my followers up to date on the progress of my course …

Week 7 introduced the following new challenges.

1) CONQUER your cravings. The last thing you want to do is deprive yourself, because when you say, “I can’t have it”, your body will say “Oh yes I can”. Help yourself to be successful.

a. Plan your meals and snacks.

b. Keep tempting treats out of sight.

c. Include planned treats in your week. E.g., Popcorn Friday movies.

2) CHALLENGE your barriers. What are your barriers to exercising? Is it that you have a physical issue preventing you or do you need to find the motivation to do it? Call a friend. Put up some motivational messages to get you going.

3) CHOOSE a healthy breakfast. Occasionally I will eat a traditional 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon and 2 slices of toast for breakfast, but more times than not breakfast could be the leftovers from the previous evenings’ supper. The way I look at it, is that if was a healthy supper last night, it must be a healthy way to start today.





Web and App: My Fitness Pal

Web and App: EaTracker

Below is the link to the Primary Care Network which has numerous resources available to assist you in your healthy lifestyle choices both emotionally and physically. Red Deer PCN – Red Deer Primary Care Network.

See you next week with my final update to finish off week 8.


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