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Week 8 is in the books.

Primary Care Network Instructors – Hailey & Jonah

My Way to Health – 8 Week Program

Week 8 – Dave – 6’4” 296.2 lbs.

Week 8 is now in the books, and I must give a call-out to our two instructors Hailey and Jonah. Great job. There was a great deal of information imparted to us during the eight weeks of the class and although not all of it has stuck, I have made lasting changes to the way I approach my health. We have now put the larger dinner plates (10.5 “) away and are now using the smaller 8.5” ones.

Although I am not consistently eating 50% vegetables at my meals, there are “green things” in proximity to the plate more often than not.

As some of you will have noticed, I finished the course 1.2 pounds heavier than when I started. “My Bad”. It seems that I hadn’t factored “Thanksgiving” into the equation before coming up with the whole “blog” thing for this course. Damn pumpkin pie.

Anyway …

Week 8 introduced the following new challenges.

If you have the opportunity to take this course, I highly recommend it.





Web and App: My Fitness Pal

Web and App: EaTracker

Below is the link to the Primary Care Network which has numerous resources available to assist you in your healthy lifestyle choices both emotionally and physically. Red Deer PCN – Red Deer Primary Care Network.

Until the next time.


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Good for you…learning some good life hacks to help you deal with setbacks like Thanksgiving meals!

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