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Two more to go - Week 6

Primary Care Network Instructors – Hailey & Jonah

My Way to Health – 8 Week Program

Week 6 – Dave – 6’4” 295.0 lbs.

Week 6 is now completed, with 2 more to go. It’s amazing how when you make something as simple as food journaling a habit, it becomes second nature and while you’re writing in it, it causes you to reflect on what you’re eating, when and why you’re eating it.

I personally found that the concepts introduced in week five motivated me to get outside more and complete some of the jobs on my “Task” or “Honey Do” list. In addition to a moderate exercise component, just completing and marking the tasks completed provided a great sense of accomplishment. Sometimes the procrastination we have in completing tasks around the house spills over into simple things which could benefit our health either physically or emotionally.

  1. Take the time to shop for healthy ingredients and then cook the meal (Physical Health).

  2. Call someone that you’ve been meaning to talk to for a while but haven’t gotten around to (Emotional Health).

  3. Take a drive out into the country, pull off the road, put down the window, shut off the car, close your eyes and listen to the silence and smell the smells of fall (Spiritual Health).

Your heart, mind and spirit will thank you.

Week 6 introduced the following new challenges.

1) Be mindful of why you eat. Are you hungry, or are you having a craving (sweet, sour, or salt)? Are you comfort eating or are you bored, lonely or doing it out of habit?

2) INTENSITY is the key. Choose to exercise at a moderate to vigorous intensity. If some of the exercise you’ve been doing is now getting easier, your body has adjusted and now does not need to burn the same number of calories. Either pick up the pace or increase the reps.

3) EAT to prevent excessive hunger. Although if weight loss is your primary goal, this may seem counterproductive, eating to prevent “excessive” hunger is always a good idea. When it gets to the point where you are ravenous before you eat, then all bets are off as to what and how much you eat. This means that it is a good bet that healthy will get trumped by fast and flavorful.





Web and App: My Fitness Pal

Web and App: EaTracker

Below is the link to the Primary Care Network which has numerous resources available to assist you in your healthy lifestyle choices both emotionally and physically. Red Deer PCN – Red Deer Primary Care Network.

See you next week with a week 7 update.


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