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On the road - Week 2

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Primary Care Network Instructors – Hailey & Jonah

My Way to Health – 8 Week Program

Week 2 – Dave – 6’4” 296.2 lbs.

Tonight, was week 2 of my healthy living course. As you may have noticed if you are following my story, you will notice that my weight has gone up 1.2 pounds. Well … I didn’t gain all of this weight in 8 weeks and I’m not likely to lose it all in 8 weeks either. Weight fluctuates from day to day and sometimes between morning and evening. Just so you know, taking a mouth full of helium from your kids’ birthday balloon and flapping your arms while weighing yourself doesn’t work. You weigh what you weigh.

Week 2 – Was checkup on the guidelines introduced in week 1. Food journaling and its’ importance, starting your exercise plan and being mindful of when and why you eat. New concepts were introduced in week two to aid us on our quest on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Choose to take The Healthy Road. Every time you make the choice to be active, eat a healthy meal or take a positive outlook on life, your life will get easier and more rewarding.

2. Practice 5:60 rule. Whether working on the computer or binge-watching TV, for every 60 minutes get up and walk around for 5 minutes. When watching TV, you can use the natural breaks afforded by the commercials to get up and walk around.

3. Choose healthy portions for every meal. Use a smaller plate and 50% should be vegetables, 25% protein and 25% carbs.


1. We eat more on a large plate.

2. We eat more out of a container. (e.g., take-out food)

3. We eat more if we buy the bigger size. (Super sizing our meal)

Standard page for food journaling. On-line versions are readily available.

Below is the link to the Primary Care Network which has numerous resources available to assist you in your healthy lifestyle choices both emotionally and physically. Red Deer PCN – Red Deer Primary Care Network.

See you next week with an update.


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